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The Isleta Drain is an important part of the water management infrastructure in the South Valley. Originally constructed by the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD), the Isleta Drain is now jointly managed and maintained. MRGCD, AMAFCA and Bernalillo County have worked with residents to make sure this drain continues to serve the surrounding area.


In addition to providing flood control and directing water back to the Rio Grande, this channel provides a convenient corridor through the heart of the community. This trail meanders through a diverse set of environments, from semi-urban neighborhoods to rural stretches of farmland. This Plan hopes to highlight and meet the different needs of sections along the corridor and provide community assets that are appropriate to place. 


Multi-use Corridor

Based on the direction and vision of South Valley residents, create a multi-use corridor that provides an accessible path connecting neighbors to work, school, recreation and other nearby destinations

Provide Access

Provide access for the operation and maintenance of the drain and connected water

Promote Opportunities 

Promote opportunities for additional community spaces and amenities along the corridor

Consider Needs

 Consider the needs of all trail users and means of transportation

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