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Throughout the planning process there will be several opportunities for community members to provide input and direction for the Isleta Drain Plan. Stay up-to-date and share your thoughts using the tools below:

Thank you to the nearly 100 residents who completed the survey! 

Your input has been invaluable to shaping the vision and priorities for the Isleta Drain and Trail Plan.


Community Design Workshop - January 6 & 8

A 2-day community design workshop was held on the evening of Thursday, January 6 and the morning of Saturday, January 8. Over 40 neighbors participated and provided valuable ideas and feedback about both the vision and priorities for the Isleta Drain and Trail Plan, as well as detailed direction for what should be included in the five different character areas that comprise the drain. 

These ideas and direction will inform the next phase phase of the project: design. Once draft designs are completed, the team will coordinate another meeting with the community where neighbors can further refine plans to make sure they align with what South Valley residents want to see in the Isleta Drain and Trail Plan. 

Presentation slides and a presentation recording can be found below: 


Thanks for your comments!

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